Tree of Life

Earlier this week I spent a lovely afternoon adorning this beautiful pregnant belly with a Tree of Life, Elephants of…er…Life and a collection of characters based on Chinese animal/elemental signs. They were chosen by the mother to represent the mother, father, baby and its brother whilst honouring her own Chinese heritage.

Red Right Hand Henna's photo.

Something about what I have been doing the past couple of months…

I have been quiet online of late. One reason is that I recently spent six weeks in northern France volunteering with L’auberge des migrants, Calais Kitchens and Help Refugees in the Calais refugee camp, AKA The Jungle. I’m not going to write an essay about everything I was involved with there, this is not the appropriate place. Only I would love to share some photos from one of the Saturdays I spent hennaing women and their daughters in the Women’s and Children’s Centre where ‘beauty days’ are held each week, providing the women from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria (among other countries) a safe place to be hang out, have their nails painted, drink tea and above all, try and maintain a kind of normality in a place so full of uncertainty. For now I invite you to look at the photos and maybe click on the links to see the work people are doing so close, and yet so far, from the UK.bracelet eritreanhand fatima lallyandme matching palm flower palmflower2 palmflower3 fourhands